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I am a business coach, interpreter trainer, Spanish interpreter and translator, blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur feel free to read my story.

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Hi there! I’m an interpreter, translator, business coach, and mentor by day, aspiring fitness coach by night, and this is my website. I live in Sacramento, have 4 amazing kiddos, I’m a proud Navy mom, I have 2 dogs; Lucky and Medusa, 12 chickens, I love gardening, traveling, but most importantly spending quality time with my little family, and love piña coladas, Modelos and Coronas with a side of Lays Chips, Tapatio and Lemon…and of course you can’t forget the guacamole! (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

My amazing business journey…

Elite Services 4 You was founded in 2000 and has been providing quality and professional Spanish Interpreting, Translation, and other business services to meet every business need. I wasn’t always working as an Entrepreneur as a matter of fact for the first 10 years I was CEO of my own Corporate Language Agency with over 2,500 freelancers, 10 employees, and offices across the USA. However, that was until the economy collapsed and family/personal problems arose that lead me back to my original journey; Entrepreneurship. Located in Sacramento, CA where I continue to do what I love on a much lower scale allowing me to help my community, but also take care of my amazing little family, and continue to do all kinds of awesome things for the local community!