Conference Interpreter

Education Interpreter

Onsite Simultaneous Interpretations; LCAP, DELAC meetings

Simultaneous Interpreter

Simultaneous Interpreter

I’ve had the pleasure to work with various Non-profit organizations throughout the USA and It’s been an honor to assist this organization for over 10 years.

simultaneous and conference interpreter at work

Simultaneous Interpreter

Being a Simultaneous interpreter is very rewarding, but requires extensive knowledge and understanding of all subject matters. This organization has provided me with so many opportunities locally and abroad and I’m so thankful for this amazing journey. Let me help you ‘break the language barrier!’

Government Interpreter

City, County, State, Federal Interpreter

I had the pleasure of providing simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services at our State Capitol assisting our local and Columbian government during an environmental meeting.

Let's Chat and Talk Business

Throughout my years in business, I’ve had the pleasure to work and build professional business relationships with both agencies, as well as direct clients across the globe. The fields and industries I serve are, but are not limited to:

Legal – Immigration, Civil Litigation, Workers Compensation, Depositions, Hearings, Mediations, Mandatory Settlement Conferences, New Customer Intakes, “A Day in the Life”, Investigations, Recorded Statements, Property Damage and more…
Medical – Hospitals (pre-ops, post-ops, medical visits, and more…), Medical Evaluations, and more…
Education -IEP’s, Parent / Teacher Conferences, PTA meetings, Board Meetings, ELAC, DELAC, LCAP, and more…
Business – Employee / Employer meetings, Disciplinary Meetings, New Hire Orientations, Promotions, Health Benefits Meetings, and more…Add Your Business to My list of Satisfied Customers…