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Entrepreneur Cafe Members Club … is now live!

I have another announcement to make? My NEW PRODUCTS are also available for purchase…At an awesome price!

So, how would you like to have access to downloadable templates, or how about having a Go-to-Place were you can get all the 411 for your Start-Up Biz or to help you Grow Your Biz.  Or better yet, tips and information previously used to build a business…

Well, let me tell you that you no longer have to “wish it” because I have just the place for you…Faviola Valencia Elite Services 4 You is proud to present to you with this Exclusive Members Club; Entrepreneur Cafe … Yes, a club for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners just like you – “Entrepreneur Cafe Members Club!

Plus…in this Members Only Club you will have access, to all the “Bells and Whistles”, i.e., tips, guides, networking, resources, checklist, etc…

All this and so much more for as little Free to a minimal cost!

As a former CEO and an Entrepreneur who’s been in business for over 18 years and with over 25 years of professional Business Experience, I know a bit about the “Biz World”… I started, built and grew my business from the “ground up”…YES, literally from the “ground up”…So, I know exactly what it takes, what to do and what not to do in order to Start and Grow your Business.

So, if you have a special skill, a product or service that you want to use to Start Your Own Business…that’s awesome!!! but what’s even more AWESOME is that in your case unlike me, you don’t have to do it alone!

Because after a few months of dealing with my own struggles, pains, and headaches with my Start Up Biz, I was so fortunate to have developed, strategies and grow my business…Yes, I was fortunate enough to have contracts with the State of California, State of New York, Colorado, City of Sacramento, City of Los Angeles, Sutter Hospitals, Kaiser and many nonprofits, fortune 500 companies and businesses across the USA, so I know about Sales and Marketing, Mangement, Procurement, etc and therefore I made it my Vision and Mission to develop something awesome, something that would help entrepreneurs just like you start their own journey without the struggles and headaches…So, here we are…

Here is what you get…

Entrepreneur Cafe Members Club

If you have NOT started your business, or if you are thinking of starting your business, or if your business is NOT growing, then this Exclusive Member Only Club is just for you… JOIN MY CLUB for entrepreneurs and get the help, guidance, tips, networking you need to successfully START, RUN, MANAGE, GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

  • Get the Tools you need.
  • Find the Resources you need.
  • Get the Training you need.
  • Start Networking with like-minded Entrepreneurs just like you.
  • Get everything you need in my One-Stop-Shop…No matter what industry you’re in!

I do all the “researching for you, I test all the programs and training for you and share what works and doesn’t work”…AVOID PAYING HERE AND THERE and receiving NO POSITIVE OUTCOME!



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