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Contract a Professional Interpreter

Contract a Professional Interpreter


Contracting the right agency to fulfill your interpreting request is vital for your business.

It is important that when in need of a Professional Interpreter that you provide as much information to the Agency in order to get the right interpreter for your LEP.  You will soon find out that when you call agencies to provide you with an interpreter the majority of times they will only ask you for; Date, Time, Location and Language, right? They will not ask if you are looking for a; certified, qualified, experience, type of assignment, etc., right?

Example: Are you available for a Legal assignment? Yes,/No  (Did you ask what type of assignment, such as Deposition, Mediation, Arbitration, etc)…If you didn’t ask and they didn’t tell you, then you ARE NOW NOT ONLY putting yourself, your business at RISK, but you are also putting the Limited English Speaker case, or his/her life at RISK!

Why? because if it’s an agricultural injury case and you have NEVER had training with agricultural terminology, legal terms then most likely, you WILL NOT be able to successfully interpret for this case!

Because even Certified Interpreters ARE NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE with all TERMINOLOGY, SUBJECT MATTERS!


Agencies claim to train, assess interpreters skills before putting them to work, but as a previous independent contractor; I personally will tell you that is, NOT TRUE, yes when I worked as a Freelancer, I was never asked about my skills, qualifications, etc – BAD BIZ!!!***

Agencies will CONTRACT ANYONE just to fill an assignment not taking into consideration the RISK that this can bring to both the Interpreter and more importantly the Patient/Client/Limited English Speaker!!!

If the agency is NOT ASKING you for details of the assignment, then I can almost guarantee you that they will send you “just any interpreter” in order to fill the task at hand.

When you contract my services you will get “no middlemen”, “no gimmicks”, “no-nonsense” you will get what you paid for; professional, quality and experienced interpreter at all times!

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