Interpreting Services 4 You!

It is important to know that providing clear communication between healthcare professionals and patients is vital to delivering successful medical care and that is why my services will help ease the process of communicating important information to your non-English speaking patients.

I’m a highly qualified and experienced Interpreter.  I hold various certificates (Not Yet Certified) and have undergone through various training’s, online courses and have extensive medical, legal, conference interpretation terminology experience. I adhere to HIPPA Laws and Regulations and adhere to the California Interpreter Code of Ethics and Compliance. I will also accommodate any other requirements per the state, county, or those of a specific hospital, school, or business.

Spanish Interpreter

I’ve been in the industry for over 18+ years and know the importance of doing the job right the first time.  Especially when it comes to Language Interpretation!

In this industry, there’s NO ROOM for ERRORS, Therefore, rest assured that I will ONLY accept cases/assignments that I know I’m 100% qualified to do.

I also know how important and crucial it is to use the services of a Professional and Experienced Interpreter, who knows and understands the English and the Spanish language but more importantly knows the Culture.  I know that by accepting an assignment for which I MAY NOT be QUALIFIED, can potentially affect your case, threaten testimony witness, resulting in a case dismissal, or worse put someone in jail, or even cause death!

I provide an array of services in Spanish<>English (other languages may be available, upon request) to meet your business needs.

Modes of Interpretation

Interpreting involves listening to a message in one language and then providing an oral interpretation into another language. Interpreters must have excellent terminology knowledge of both the source and target language(s), as well as possess strong professional and language skills.

Consecutive Interpreting – The interpreter waits until the statement is completed before they deliver the message in another language.  TThis method of interpretation is most popular for use in hospitals, clinics, meetings, negotiations, and general business venues. It is also generally used for small group events where interpreting equipment is generally, not used. In this interpretation mode, the speaker delivers their speech/message in complete passages or “chunks” before pausing and allowing the interpreter to interpret into the Target language. The interpreter listens carefully and takes notes before he/she delivers the interpretation into the Target language.

Simultaneous Interpreting – The interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker.  This method of interpretation is more appropriate and used for court, conferences, depositions, and seminars. This mode of Interpretation is also preferred for many large group events, they may even require the use of (sound proof both or special interpreting equipment)

Types of Interpretation

  • Onsite Interpreting: On-site interpretation for a variety of industries; Legal, Medical, Insurance, Hospitality, Government, State, County, Federal, Non-profits, Investigative Firms, Court Reporters, Automotive, Agricultural, and more…
  • Conference Interpreting: On-site interpretation for simultaneous business meetings or conferences. I can provide you with transmitters, microphones, receivers, and headphones at any of your conferences/meetings if needed – (2-week advance notice is required for all equipment rental”.
  • Escort Interpreting for Business Visits: On-site interpretation for clients or businesses locally and abroad for any tours, classes, training, business meetings, or other casual activities.
  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting: Whether you need an interpreter right away for a teleconference or for a scheduled time, I’m available 24/7(account must be established to access my On-demand Over the Phone Services).

So, whether you need my service for an international conference, business meeting or with your overseas partners, or a visit from a foreign delegation, I can help you communicate in English<>Spanish.

Need my services for:

  • Medical; O.T., P.T., Pre-op/Post-op, AME, QME, IMEs, Radiology, Follow-ups and more…
  • Legal; Depositions, Mediations, Trials, Hearings, Client Meetings, Arbitrations, Litigation, Immigration, Labor and Employment, Workmans Compensation, Family Law, Civil, Investigations, Jail Interview, Witness Preparation, New Client Intake, A Day in a Life, and more.
  • General; Conferences, Employee Benefits Meeting, Open Enrollment, Insurance, Employee Training, Meetings, Evaluations, Public Forums, Workshops, Conventions, Seminars, and more…
  • Education; IEPs, Parent/Teacher Conferences, DELAC, ELAC, Board Meetings, LCAP, Employee Training, and more…

So, regardless of the type of appointment, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service at all times!

My commitment to you is to provide you with high-quality, low cost-effective services and products to help you “Bridge the Language and Cultural Barrier” in communication between you and your customers.

Because, even with today’s technology – communicating using smartphones, VOIP, chats, etc just isn’t enough when it comes to communicating effectively with another person.  Despite all this technology at our fingertips, nothing compares to Face-to-Face communication.

Services are provided to global corporations, professional associations, hospitals, law firms, non-profits, insurance, investigations, and more.