Over the Phone Interpreting (otpi)

Need an Over the Phone or Video Remote Interpreter, On-the-Spot and On-Demand?

Over the Phone and Video Remote interpreting services is a ideal for on-demand language services. A quick phone call is all it takes to be connected and using my professional over-the-phone and video-remote Spanish interpreting services. 411-OTPI phone and video remote interpreting services is a quick, low-cost, confidential, and easy-to-access language service that provides you with an average connection time of less than a minute and available 24/7 (some restrictions apply).  

OTP & VRI Interpreting Services 4 You

In today’s modern world Over the Phone and Video, Remote Interpreting Services are used by a variety of customers locally and abroad. More organizations have recognized that face-to-face interactions have changed drastically over the past few years, especially during unprecedented times.

Therefore you can always count on 411-OTPI to assist you with all of your language services needs. With over 20 years of professional and experienced language services, I understand what you need and what it takes to provide high-quality services. I also understand that this type of interpretation requires a person with extensive professional and terminology background and experience. Furthermore, as a former CEO and language agency provider I can provide services for a variety of business sectors; Medical, Legal, Educational, Insurance, Investigations, and General Business sectors. Let me help you “Break the language barrier in communication”…

  • No contract obligations
  • You will NOT have travel/mileage cost
  • There’s no 2-hour minimum
  • SAVE Today and get your Low-Per-Minute rate with me!

When using both my OTP or VRI services you will receive professional services at all times.  And, if at any point I have to contract interpreters they will undergo my strict contracting process similar to the Onsite Interpreters and Translators. Risk assessments are my top priority therefore screening is a must and includes, but is not limited to qualifications, certifications (if applicable), Non-Disclosure, HIPPA, and Confidentiality agreements, etc... Interpreters are the “VOICE”, we convert verbal content into the target language while maintaining tone, syntax, and overall meaning so nothing is lost during the interpretation.​ 

  • Over 20 years in Business
  • 1000s of satisfied customers
  • Excellent and Professional Services

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More industries including; Hospitals, Law Firms, Government, Public Sector, and Commercial organizations find that OTP and Video Remote Interpreting is invaluable to support their day-to-day business operations and customer support. Elite Services 4 You will provide you with professional, accurate, OTP and Video Remote Interpreting at all times!


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