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Have an audio recording that needs to be transcribed and Translated? With over 20+years in the field, I will help you with all your project needs.


Elite Services 4 You founded in 2000 by Faviola, who’s mission has been to provide accurate and professional transcription and translation services – You Can Trust! Within a short span, she was able to expand her reach to include legal, medical, government institutions and non-profit organizations to education and corporations, and become a trusted partner to thousands of clients in the US and Abroad – add your name to the list of preferred customers.

US Based Service Provider

Contract a USA Based provider that will provide you with Professional and Experienced Services, but also Security, Quality, Accuracy, Quality Control, but more importantly Confidentiality

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is my number one priority therefore having a processes for each project and client is very important. I understand that every company, industry is unique and therefore having quality assurance standards and processes is of utmost importance

Transcription Services 4 You

Transcription Services is a service very widely used in the legal and medical field.  Medical, Legal transcriptions are more than taking a voice recording or handwritten note and putting them into electronic format, it requires a person with extensive professional and terminology background and experience.  I have extensive experience in transcribing from any media source, as well as years of Medical, Legal and General business terminology experience. Once the transcription has been completed, I can translate from the source language into the target language – Spanish<>English.

  • No. of Speakers up to 3
  • Media Type; Audio
  • Delivery; 1-15 Days
  • Fee Starts; $2.75/minute
  • Translation; $25.00/page (up to 250 words)

Transcription and Translation Pricing will vary based on subject matter, type of audio, length of audio, transcription and translation source to target language

  • Over 20 years in Business
  • Millions of Minutes Transcribed
  • Thousands of words Translated
  • Excellent and Professional Services

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Interpreter Training and Business Consulting services for all of your business and employee needs.


When contracting or hiring a new bilingual employee it is of utmost importance to verify and evaluate his/her language skills before hiring them and using their “bilingual skills.” Learn more – Don’t Put Your Business at Risk!


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